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About the Neighbourhood Plan


The Localism Act of 2011 has given Communities the power to determine what their neighbourhood looks like by developing a "Neighbourhood Plan". The Plan, once approved, will be referred to by Harborough District Council when determining planning applications. This will ensure that important local green spaces are protected from development; that heritage assets are safeguarded and that any new housing or business development is managed and meets local needs in terms of type, location and appearance. Tur Langton Parish Council has embraced these new powers and agreed to prepare a 'Neighbourhood Plan' for Tur Langton, with professional support from yourlocale

Background information about  Neighbourhood Plans

An Introduction

Planning Power is heading back to the people

Slides from a presentation given by Gary Kirk of Yourlocale in February 2015

Neighbourhood Planning Summary

A summary written by Gary Kirk of yourlocale in February 2014 under the following headings:

  • What is it?

  • Who can prepare a Neighbourhood Plan?

  • Process to be followed

  • What can the plan contain?

  • The role of the Parish Council

  • Consultation

  • Submitting the Neighbourhood Plan

  • Independent Examination

  • Referendum

  • Summary

An article by Gary Kirk of yourlocale published in the Leicester Mercury in January 2014

Locality Road Map

A guide to Neighbourhood Planning from "Locality"

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