Tur Langton Village Hall


A number of consultations have taken place, to confirm the village support for the renovation of the hall. 

Neighbourhood Plan

Two questions were included in the questionnaire for the Neighbourhood Plan to investigate the views of the village on the hall.  This was carried out in April 2016, to feed into the developing policies of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The responses from this consultation were that 83% were in favour of renewing the lease (which was still in question at this time).  The possibility of the village contributing to the costs of a renewed lease was also investigated. 46% responded that they wished to keep the village hall open, presumably accepting the increased cost; 42% selected the option for an increase in support to help with refurbishment.  It is noted that, at this time, there was no lease and therefore the options and costs for any future refurbishment were not investigated.

The above responses have been taken into account in Policy CF1 of the emerging Neighbourhood Plan, with the aim of supporting the enhancement and growth of community facilities, including the Village Hall.

A New Lease for the Village Hall?
Questionnaire responses: The Cost of the Village Hall Lease
2019 Consultation​


Following the signing of the lease, the renovation plans were progressed, and a preliminary budget was calculated and the options for raising the necessary funds were reviewed in detail.  One of the conditions of the new lease from Merton College was that the renovation works must be completed within first 3 years of the lease period.  This significantly limited the time available for fundraising.  It became clear that the most appropriate means of financing the project was with a Public Works Loan.  The approach adopted was that a loan of £55,000 (approximately 65% of the overall project budget) should be raised through a loan, with the remaining £30,000 targeted from village fundraising, pledges and grant funding. 

It is a condition of the loan, that the Parish Council must have a secure source of funding to repay the loan, to avoid any risk of defaulting on the repayment if the income is lower than expected. The only option that the Parish Council have for this is to increase the Council Tax precept.

A further condition of the loan was that evidence of public support to increase the precept must be submitted with the application.  Whilst the above NP Consultation showed widespread support for the hall, it did not fulfil this condition, and therefore it was decided that a further, very specific, consultation was carried out.


A brochure was drafted (provided in full below), presenting the vision for the hall and informing of the progress to date in the development plans.  This brochure contained a questionnaire with 3 questions:

1) Do you support the renovation of the hall?

2) Do you support the proposal to take out a loan to allow the project to progress within the Merton College timescales?

3) Would you be willing to help with the works, such as initial strip-out, decorating, etc?

Y / N

Y / N


Y / N

The questionnaires were delivered to every house in the village.  In addition, the poll was also provided on the village website to maximise the number of returns from all age groups within the village.

In all 45 votes were cast, with 21 return forms left in the phone box and 24 returns posted online.

The results are as follows:

  • 69% of respondents support the renovation

  • 65% support the proposal to take out a loan to finance the project

  • 55% of respondents have offered help with the works

On the basis of this result, the Parish Council, at its meeting on of 1st May resolved to seek approval of the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to apply for a PWLB loan of £55,000 up to 19 years for the renovation of the Village Hall.  The annual loan repayments will come to around £3,522.50.  It is also intended to increase the council tax precept for the purpose of the loan repayment by 65.1%, which is the equivalent of an additional £3522.50 a year (£31.91 for a Band D property).  These figures are based on the tax base figures for 2019/20 which are the latest available. If you have any views or opinions you wish to feed in please contact the Parish Council.

Village Hall Renovation Proposals Leaflet

You can read the village hall renovation proposals using the viewer below, or download them directly using the button below.