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 Harborough District Council Green Spaces - Quick Poll

Harborough District Council are delighted to launch their new Green Spaces Quick Poll

Existing Green Spaces

Your comments and ideas about existing Green Spaces are welcomed.

Explore the online map and click on the Green Spaces you would like to comment on. Or, if maps aren't your preferred search tool, we have also included an alphabetical list of existing Green Spaces.

Suggest new Green Spaces

Are there any areas that you would like to see developed into Green Spaces in the future? Use the map to search for a location, plot a new Green Space and submit your proposal.

To submit your views and suggestions please click here or visit web address ''.

For participants, there will also be the opportunity to briefly comment on your user experience after submitting your suggestions.

The Green Spaces Quick Poll closes at 5pm on Monday 12 September 2022.

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