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Bystander Training

Message from Harborough District Council Community Safety:

As part of our work on preventing serious violence, and particularly violence against women and girls associated with the night- time economy, we have secured two further dates for "Bystander Training". These sessions will be on Teams on the dates printed below.

We have received very positive feedback following the previous courses last month and this would be very beneficial in work and social environments.

Bystander Training is:

For those working in or enjoying the night- time economy we often face ambiguous situations. On one hand we see potential harm but on the other we begin to ask ourselves many questions about what is happening and who is involved in the situation.

Active bystandership is a skill and one that can be trained to help people become active bystanders, better friends, colleagues, and neighbours.

By the end of this highly interactive online workshop participants will:

  • Discuss the extent of violence against women in the UK

  • Better understand both what prevents and motivates bystander

  • action.

  • Discuss a range of safe options that make up a bystander toolkit.

  • Practice their responses to a challenging situation.

March 18th 2023 – 1-3 pm

April 2nd 2023 – 1-3pm

If you wish to attend any of the above events, please email:

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