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Emergency Response Plan

The council is delighted to announce that it has adopted a Community Response Plan.   As part of this scheme the Parish Council has been donated £600 worth of equipment for a Community Emergency Store, currently held by Cllr Bladon.  The Crown Public House have been identified as Emergency Centres should one be required.

For a leaflet including emergency telephone numbers and links in the event of bad weather click here: - Emergency Plan Leaflet



A plan has been designed by your Parish Council to help organise support for our community in the event of an emergency. 


In the event of an emergency your first contact is 999


Make sure you are not in any danger.  After this gather as much information as you can about what has happened.  If you call 999 they will ask you for details of what has happened, where, when and who is involved. Give YOUR contact details to the Emergency Services so they can call you back.   Ring them again if the situation changes significantly.


Like yourself your neighbours may need reassuring that the emergency is being dealt with and that professional and skilled people are responding. In this situation, what people need most is reliable, clear and concise information.


Our Community Emergency Plan identifies how we, as a community, can complement the emergency services in the event of an emergency.  With that, if you feel you are aware of a community emergency, such as a localised flood, power cut, icy roads preventing use of certain walkways/roads, please call a member of the Parish Council and all being well someone will be able to contact you soon after. 


Details of useful phone numbers in an emergency and where you can get more information in the event of bad weather are on the Parish Council’s Website (under Local Information / Emergency Response Plan), on the Notice Board and in the phone kiosk on Main Street.




Think about the most vulnerable people who may need specific help and support in an emergency. It is more likely that elderly people or vulnerable people will need extra support.


Be a good neighbour and knock on their door.

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