Grass Cutting

The Parish Council has a Service Level Agreement with Leicestershire County Council for the cutting of the verges in the village between the 30 mph signs. 

The Grass Cutting map shows the area of grass that the Parish Council is responsible for cutting - Tur Langton Grass Cutting Map

Grass cutting specification 

The council has a contract with Leicestershire Gardens for 14 cuts between March and October 2021.   They charge £80 a cut and the council will receive reimbursement of £360.36 for the 2021 season from the County Council.   There is flexibility on the number and timing of cuts depending on weather conditions. 

Cutting of grass on the roads in between towns and villages (40 mph and above, classed as rural grass cutting routes) are the responsibility of Leicestershire County Council.  More information can be found on their website .  Motorways and Trunk Roads are cut by Highways England.