Solar Together information  

Solar Together information - Harborough District Council are joining with the other councils in Leicestershire offer resident to opportunity to join together to purchase solar panels and get the best price through Solar Together Leicestershire. Solar Together Leicestershire offers a hassle-free way to get renewable energy on your home, but also ensures that you can be sure of installation by an accredited installer, with Solar Together Leicestershire offering support through the process. With lots of people acting together it ensures that you can also achieve a great price. 


The process is straightforward – just find out more and register your interest via our website at before 14th June, then you will receive a personal recommendation from 4th July and then you can decide whether to accept or not, with no obligation.  


A solar PV system will allow you to generate your own clean energy and will provide free energy for your home. If you decide to link it to a battery system, it can save you even more. The Government have also reduced VAT on solar systems, so there couldn’t be a better time to think about getting one installed.


Harborough District Council also want to support people to reduce their carbon emissions and solar power is renewable energy, so it is clean and green. A typical domestic system could save 1 Tonne of carbon emissions per year. Solar Together Leicestershire is available for residents and businesses, but you will need to ensure you have permission to install if you don’t own the building.