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Annual Report 2021 by Cllr T Bladon, Chair of Tur Langton Parish Council

Tur Langton Parish Council

Annual Report 2021


Welcome to Tur Langton Parish Meeting 2021

I must begin with a statement about the last very difficult year. Our small Parish includes a diverse range of residents who have all been affected in their own unique ways. However, throughout the whole experience our community has demonstrated solidarity and support for each other. It makes Tur Langton a very special place to live. Thank you everyone.

We Councillors are now halfway through our current term of office and look forward to the next two hoping that they are less challenging than the previous year has proved. I will take this opportunity to mention that we are still one councillor short on our Parish Council. We would love to welcome an extra person to our group. If anyone is interested in the work of a Parish Council, please do not hesitate to contact one of the councillors or our Clerk for more information.

During this time our main focus had been the refurbishment of Tur Langton Village Hall. With support from the village for our ambitious project we were successful in an application for a Public Works loan. This loan provided the main refurbishment fund, but two smaller grant applications provided extra money for insulation and a new front door. Our thanks go to Leicestershire County Council for the Shire Climate Change Grant and to Harborough District Council for the Community Grant which were invaluable in helping us to achieve our goals.

The ongoing Covid restrictions inevitably caused delays but ensuring they were following the correct guidelines the Councillors, with the support of an exceptionally dedicated band of volunteers from the village, have created an amazing space for our village to enjoy. I cannot express fully my admiration and thanks to all those involved. My thoughts in particular turn to Daniel Mansfield, a regular volunteer, as he faces a long and challenging journey in hospital. We all are thinking of him and his family during these next difficult few months. Although the Parish Council are responsible for the lease of the hall, the Village Hall is a charity run by a Management Committee separate from the Parish Council. If this is something you would like to get involved in, please contact our Clerk who will put you in contact with one of the trustees.

Communication with the village is important to us and we achieve this through our Parish Council website, which is maintained by our Clerk and Cllr Officer. We also produce a newsletter which we hope is informative and useful, however we are always looking to the future and hope to explore digital forms of communication. Any suggestions or ideas are very welcome.


Regarding the website since September 2020 legislation requires it to be accessible.  The Council would like to thank Simon Traill for his ongoing support in achieving this goal.  Without his help this task would have been far more difficult and possibly costly.  Thank you, Simon.

Another goal achieved since my last report was the Neighbourhood Plan, which was “Made” in June 2019.  It is therefore now part of the Harborough District Council (HDC) Development Framework.  Its policies, along with those of HDC Local Plan, will be used to determine planning applications in the Neighbourhood Plan area.

Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to our clerk for her continued hard work. This year had the added burden of managing the loan and we truly appreciate her dedication.

A council also needs to keep up to date, a list of events that have been attended and the consultations that the Parish Council have responded to are shown below.

In conclusion we thank you for taking the time to attend this meeting and look forward to representing our community in the coming year and completing our ongoing projects.

Tessa Bladon, Chair, Tur Langton Parish Council, 4/5/21


Consultations responded to since March 2019:


  • January 2020 – Harborough District Council Community Governance Review.  The outcome of the review was that there were no changes for Tur Langton.

  • September 2020 – Changes to the current planning system consultation.

  • September 2020 – Harborough District Council Open Spaces Strategy.


Training / Events attended since March 2019:


  • 29/8/2019 – Councillor Training – Cllr Staveley

  • 11/9/2019 – Clerk attended Leicestershire County Council Clerk’s Liaison Meeting.

  • 6/11/19 – Clerk attended Harborough District Council Annual Parish Council Liaison Event.

  • 22/1/2020 - Clerk attended Leicestershire County Council Clerk’s Liaison Meeting.

Consultation Responses

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