Annual Report 2019 by Cllr T Bladon, Chair of Tur Langton Parish Council


Tur Langton Parish Council

Annual Report 2019


Welcome to Tur Langton Parish Meeting 2019

Unbelievably four years has passed since the last Parish Council Election. As they step down from office I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Chris Weston, Janine Haynes and Katrina Briggs for their valued contributions and support. Paul Officer and I stood for election again and we welcome Clare Staveley to Tur Langton Parish Council. We three were elected unopposed for the next four years but we do require a further two councillors to complete the team.

During 2018/19 our Neighbourhood plan has passed through the various stages of scrutiny without any major complications and Harborough District Council have set a date for the referendum on whether Tur Langton residents adopt the plan or not on 27th June 2019. This is a straightforward yes or no vote (Do you want Harborough District Council to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Tur Langton to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?) determining whether we adopt the extra level of protection that our plan has been designed to give our parish or whether we rely solely on Harborough District Council’s Local Plan.

In 2019 we extended the team of people monitoring the defibrillator and keeping the phone box clean and tidy. Many thanks to all those involved. Due to their vigilance and issue was discovered and resolved quickly. We plan to make improvements including tiling the floor later in 2019. A jigsaw lending scheme has been operating very successfully in the phone box for a few months. Our thanks go to the organisers and if anyone has any other ideas please contact one of the councillors or our clerk.

The future of Village Hall has remained a high priority for the Parish Council. A lot of time has been committed to moving the project forward and a decision has been taken to apply for a Public Works Loan of £55,000 to finance the key refurbishments required. This will be topped up with grant funding, fundraisers and donations. If successful in our application we anticipate work will start on the hall in late Summer early Autumn. We will continue to keep the village informed of any developments in our newsletters and on our website.

Communication with the village is important to us and we achieve this through our Parish Council website, which thanks to Councillor Officer and our clerk Alison Gibson is a mine of information. We also produce a newsletter which we hope is informative and useful, however we are always looking to the future and hope to explore digital forms of communication. Any suggestions or ideas are very welcome.

This year has included the sad loss of Janet Wall, Bryan Ingram and Richard Rowley.  All had lived in Tur Langton for over 20 years and will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with their families at this difficult time.

Finally I would like to extend my thanks to our clerk for her continued hard work this year.

A council also needs to keep up to date, a list of training that has been undertaken and the consultations that the Parish Council have responded to are attached to this report.

In conclusion we thank you for taking the time to attend this meeting and look forward to representing our community in the coming year and completing our ongoing projects

Training and events attended:


  • GDPR Training




  • Attended Clerk’s LCC operational meetings (4 events)

  • Attended LCC Annual Liaison Meeting

  • Attended HDC Liaison Meeting

  • Attended HDC precept information event 

  • Attended HDC election briefing



Consultations responded to:


  • Consultation on proposed merger of Kibworth Health Centre and Two Shires Medical Practice

  • National Highways and Transport Survey

  • LRALC Development and Member Support questionnaire

  • Harborough District Council Built Facilities Strategy Consultation with Parish Councils

Consultation Responses