New NHS Central Action Point for Mental Health

Urgent mental health needs
New NHS central access point for mental health
Telephone number: 0116 295 3060

What is the central access point?

The mental health central access point is a 24/7 telephone contact point for people with urgent mental health needs. The aim of the central access point is to consider an individual's needs and route them to the right support.

Who is the central access point for?

Anyone of any age who lives in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland and has an urgent mental health need can contact central access point directly. Health and social care professionals can refer people who need urgent mental health support to the service.

As a professional, how can I refer to the central access point?

For urgent mental health referrals: you can provide patients or carers with the central access point telephone number so they can contact directly. Alternatively, you can refer electronically using the crisis form on PRISM (if you use it) or by phoning 0116 295 3060. CAP triage clinicians will assess the individual's needs and identify the most appropriate next step.

For non-urgent referrals: please use existing referral processes, preferably using electronic tools (e.g. PRISM) to the service you want to refer to. You could also direct patients to the LPT website ( where there is information about other forms of national, local and online support for their mental health and wellbeing
If you are unsure of who to contact or unable to get in touch with the individual you would usually contact, you can call the central access point who will help with your query.

Is the central access point for existing users of LPT services?

Existing LPT service users should be advised to continue to contact the team as per their care plan. If they have an urgent need, especially out of hours, then advise them to ring the central access point.

What happens when someone calls the central access point?

Calls are answered by call handlers and triaged by mental health clinicians who assess the urgency and the caller's needs and determine the most appropriate outcome. If an individual requires an assessment, they will be navigated to the appropriate service.

Are the central access point and the mental health urgent care hub at the Bradgate Unit connected?

The mental health urgent care hub at the Bradgate Unit is a temporary service put in place as part of the COVID-19 response. Referrals for urgent support should be made to the central access point and clinicians will refer to the mental health urgent care hub if required.

Is the central access point an emergency service?

No. If people have immediate, serious and life-threatening emergency mental and/or physical health needs (e.g. if an individual has taken an overdose or is in imminent danger of physical harm) they should attend A and E or call 999 for the appropriate emergency service.