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Burglaries - Message from the Local Police Neighbourhood Team

We are still in the process of a police operation which aims to target burglars in your area.


You will see an increase in high visible patrols and there will also be plain clothed officers deployed in the area. However, we still encourage members of the public to report any suspicious activity to police. If you believe a burglary is happening, please call 999 as this will be treated as an emergency. Any other suspicious activity, please call 101 or report it online via Report a crime | Leicestershire Police (


Officers will also be putting on crime prevention events where you can come and speak to you local officers. These dates are to be confirmed and further information about this will be sent out in due course.


·  Use automatic timer switches to turn on lights when it gets dark. You could also use them to turn a radio on. Its so important that it looks like someone is home.

·  Keeps doors and windows locked at all times, even when your home, and take the key out of the lock.

·  Keeps keys, cash and valuables out of sight.

·  Take the time to check your alarm system and that all outside bulbs and security lighting is in full working order.

·  Prevent easy access to the back and sides of your home with locked gates or fencing.

·  Check to see if you can remove any potential access points to windows where you can. These could be such things as bins and garden furniture.

·  Burglars have also been known to use ladders to access upper windows that appear to be unlocked. Burglars often do this to avoid intruder alarm sensors on the lower floors of properties. Keep ladders out of sight and ensure all sheds, garages and outbuildings are locked making ladders inaccessible.

·  If you’re going away, don’t advertise this on social media.

·  Ask a neighbour or friend if they could collect your post and open and close your curtains for you whilst you’re away.


Please remain vigilant, report any suspicious activity to police and remember to #LockUpLightUp.


Many thanks


Your Local Neighbourhood Team 

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