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Environment Group Launch Meeting
5th January 2016

The Environment work for Tur Langton Neighbourhood Plan was launched at a well-attended public meeting on 5th January 2016 with a presentation by John Martin from yourlocale.  John has a wealth of experience in this area and will be helping to facilitate the work of this group as it develops. 


The slides from the presentation can be seen here.

John explained the role of the Environment Chapter in the Neighbourhood Plan and how this fits in with the national planning legislation.  The objective of the Environment Group is to identify “Local Green Spaces”.  The presentation went on to explain how these Local Green Spaces, can be given statutory protection through the plan and the criteria for including them.


John had also identified existing designations, which he detailed in his presentation.  Some of these slides, which are included in the presentation, can be seen in more detail below. 

Historical Environment Designations


Historic Environmental Records (excluding listed buildings)

Historic Non Statutory designations

Listed Buildings

















Statutory Historic Sites

Listed Building Map

Natural Environment Designations


Natural England Habitat Designations  

Environmental Stewardship Agreements

Woodland Grant Schemes

Other Designations

Local Green Spaces, Sport and Recreation Sites

Proposal Map 

Public Rights of Way

Risk of flooding from surface water

Conservation Area

John concluded with a suggested approach citing examples from other plans he is working on.


Some people gave their contact details at the end of the meeting, forming the nucleus of a group to work on the Environment Section.  More volunteers are encouraged; if anyone is interested they should give their details to the Parish Council clerk.

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