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Parish Council Meeting 26/2/19
Additional papers/2/19

Agenda 26/2/19 - click here

Extended Agenda - click here

Agenda item 6 - Clerk's Report including Year Plan and LRALC update

Year Plan - click here

Clerk's report - click here

Supporting papers and links

Clerk's notes from LCC Quarterly meeting 6/2/19 - click here

  • Roadworks website - click here

  • LCC Winter Gritting website - click here

  • Court case, Parish Council trees near highways - click here

  • NALC Media release, Parliamentary Inquiry backs NALC call to strengthen Standards Regime - click here

  • LCC Monthly funding bulletin Jan 2019 - click here

  • LCC Monthly funding bulletin Feb 2019 - click here

  • Clerk steels £36,000 - link to article - click here


Agenda item 7.3 - Police update

Website to look at local crime figures - click here

Shows one crime reported during December 2018 – vehicle crime, under investigation

HDC Community Safety Partnership Parish Newsletter Issue 4 - click here

  • Police contact information  - reporting crimes online at

  • Top tips to take a stand against internet crime

  • Local Crime update

  • Community Speedwatch

  • County Terrorism

  • Prevent

  • Community Speedwatch – Parish Speed Reduction Initiatives  

  • County Lines – supply of illegal drugs

  • Fearless website where young people can access information about crime and a safe place for young people to give information about crime

Leicestershire Police Harborough Newsletter - click here

  • Theft from vans tackled with tool making events - can contact SDS Trade Equipment to arrange a date

  • Travelling criminals targeted in operation

  • Cyber Crime Awareness


Agenda item 8 - to Review and Adopt

8.1 - Grievance Policy - waiting for advice from LRALC

8.2 - Disciplinary Policy - waiting for advice from LRALC

8.3 - Expenses Policy - click here

8.4 - Communications Policy - click here

8.5 - Risk Assessment - click here

8.6 - Asset Register - click here

Agenda item 9 - information Security and Data Retention

9.1 - To approve Data Management and Information Security Policy - click here

Agenda item 10 - Defibrillator

10.2 - To authorise Annual Support Agreement year 3 - £126 - click here

Agenda item 11 - Insurance  - Review of cover and authorisation of renewal with  Zurich Insurance - renewal documents - click here

Agenda item 12 Village Hall


12.1 - Update from Village Hall Committee


Grass verge outside Village Hall has been cut – from Tom Cooper:


“We have done the exact hours quoted for so the invoice is the same at the moment as the quotation. We took 4 large vans full of debris. Somebody had fly tipped a tonne sack of leaves with around 50 full poo bags in, which was not there when I quoted. I did not know whether you required the stumps lowering and there is a couple of inches of soil over the front steps but we would have to charge an hourly rate on top. We had so many nice compliments from the villagers passing by, I think they were happy it was being done”.


Invoice received, see 18.3 below

12.2 - Applying for a loan, progress report - see webpage with all relevant documents


 12.3   Harborough District Council Built Facilities Strategy – Consultation with parish councils

Consultation document - click here


Harborough District Council does not currently have a Built Facilities Strategy. This work will help inform the proposals for the future of the existing Harborough Leisure Centre and Lutterworth Sports Centre. There is also a need to understand the role of local leisure facilities, particularly village and community centres and to identify how best to meet the needs of the planned Strategic Development Areas and other new development.


The Built Facilities Strategy should therefore help the Council and its partners to:


  • Understand provision needs now and in the future.

  • Determine planning applications.

  • Ensure that the management and maintenance of built sports facilities is appropriate and sustainable.

  • Prioritise local authority capital and revenue investment, including S106 and any future Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

  • Prioritise and support bids for external funding to assist in the delivery of sporting infrastructure.

  • Identify the role of the education sector in supporting the delivery of community sporting facilities.

  • Contribute to the aims and objectives of improving health and well-being and increasing participation in sport.


Achieving this will help to guarantee the effective delivery of sport and leisure services across the district and ensure that a network of built sports facilities is in place to cater for the current and future population.


The preparation of the strategy will follow the methodology advocated by Sport England in its ‘Assessing Needs and Opportunities Guidance’ (2014), which will involve the following stages:


  • Compiling the information on supply and demand for open space and sports facilities.

  • Auditing and evaluating existing provision and the extent to which it meets current and future needs.

  • Assessing the current and future supply and demand balance, scenario testing and analysis.


Core facilities to be considered in the strategy are:


•             Sports halls

•             Swimming pools

•             Health and fitness

•             Athletics

•             Squash

•             Dedicated gymnastics centres

•             Indoor bowls

•             Indoor tennis

•             Netball

•             Table tennis


There are secondary facilities, usually privately provided or outside the control of the District Council, that will be considered as part of the strategy, these being:


  • Archery

  • Major cycling and long- distance walking routes

  • Air sports and other countryside sports e.g. significant equestrian facilities, sailing clubs


All these facility types will be considered in detail in the report.  The future need for these facility types will be identified and, if appropriate, standards of provision will be proposed. A site-by-site table will summarise the investment needs and priorities.


The final strategy is expected for adoption in August 2019.

Agenda item  13 Highways

13.1 General Update

  • See Highways update in notes to LCC quarterly clerk’s meeting 6/2/19 (item 6 above)

  • Notice of imposed 50 mph speed limit on part of Langton Road, Kibworth and Kibworth Road, Tur Langton.  Public consultation period 3/1/19 – 21/2/19.  Notice on Notice Board

  • Temporary road closure, Main Street and Melton Road Shangton and Shangton Road and Melton Road Tur Langton from 27/2/19 for carriageway patching work



13.2   Snagging list

  • Missing chevron on B6047 proceeding from Church Langton towards Tur Langton – at the Highways Surgery which followed the LCC Clerk’s meeting on 6/2/19 clerk spoke with someone from Highways who advised that a visit had taken place that day and the chevrons all seem to be in place and there is no trace of another one (i.e. the one we are saying is missing) having been in place.  It was agreed that a Highways Inspector will visit the site with Cllr Weston to identify the site and Adrian Astle from LCC Highways has given his availability this week, Cllr Weston to phone to make arrangements

  • “BEND” sign which appears to be loose on its post as it blows round when there are high winds – clerk also brought this up on 6/2/19 and it was noted that the sign had been clipped previously, presumably after we reported it before, but had loosened again.  Subsequent to clerk having brought this to their attention an email had been received from LCC as copied and pasted below.  Cllr Weston to bring this up with Highways Inspector at site meeting


“Enquiry number 739189

Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding the non - illuminated sign at MELTON ROAD, Tur Langton.

We have been out to site and assessed the sign which does not currently meet our intervention level, however we will continue to monitor this during routine highway inspections"

Agenda item  14 - Grass Cutting


14.1  -  Update

  • Leicestershire Gardens Public Liability Insurance for £10 million received and forwarded to LCC

  • Hard copy of revised quotation for 2019 season received showing £70 a cut received as agreed at meeting 8/1/19

  • Letter from Leicestershire Gardens outlining other services they provide

14.2 - To approve revised grass cutting specification

Specification - click here

Code of Practice "Safety at Street works and Road Works 2013" - click here

Agenda item 15 - Leicestershire County Council's Proposals for a Unitary Authority

See web page

Agenda item 16 - Planning

16.2 - To agree response to 19/00209/FUL - Erection of a single  storey rear extension, conversion of garage to annexe, erection of a single storey outbuilding and associated landscaping, Fargate Lodge, Main Street, TL - click here to see on HDC Planning Portal

Tessa's comments

This house was built in 2000 on agricultural land. Farm buildings were demolished and two houses built.  An application was also made and  approved to convert some land from agricultural land to garden. A small amount was changed but I believe it was not the land that the current existing garden room has been erected.The area converted to garden loosely corresponds with the current limits to development and the new ones in our NP. The land inside is garden the land outside is paddock/agricultural. The gardens were relatively small for the size of the house and were separated from the house by garaging and parking.



Although the application form states it does not affect parking it removes a double garage and significantly reduces the space to park behind the house.

In my opinion the existing garden room shown on the site plan has been constructed on agricultural land and should be a temporary structure with no associated hard landscaping or creation of an extension to the garden.  No planning application has been received to erect the structure or extend the current garden. 

Part of the new proposal is beyond limits to development and creates a permanent structure with utilities connected (it contains a toilet) New brick walls are proposed enclosing the area separating it from the surrounding agricultural land of which it is a part. This proposed enclosed area includes landscaping, seating and a BBQ. In my opinion this part of the application means we should strongly object to the proposal.

In our village there are many areas of agricultural land associated with houses. I feel it important that there remains a clear distinction between garden and paddock (agricultural land) as this would open the door to other permanent buildings being proposed.

Agenda item 17 - Neighbourhood Plan Update

  • Inspector’s Draft Report received

Submission Version of Neighbourhood Plan (for reference)

Inspector's Draft Report - click here


  • Gary Kirk’s feedback:

"It is important that you respond to the Examiner asap - he is only asking that his report is checked for factual inaccuracies - typos, place names etc - and this does not require a PC meeting.


The report seems OK to me on a quick read so if you/Tess can read through it and let HDC know if there are any errors (I couldn't see any) then the PC meeting can consider the final report which will be sent through once you have responded to the first draft.


It must not go on the website until the final report has been produced.


The report from the Examiner is very positive. The only policy that has been deleted is the policy on development in the countryside, which is covered by national policy anyway ..... other policies have been slightly reworded as is the style of Examiners, but the policy intent remains the same...


A very good outcome"


  • Errors fed back to HDC.  Final report now awaited

  • Once final report received council has to meet to consider the draft report.  Changes to be incorporated into Neighbourhood Plan to be approved as Referendum version.

  • Dates for meeting to consider report and approve referendum version of plan

Agenda item 18 - Finance

16.2 - Approval of 2018/19 accounts bank reconciliation to 21/2/19 - click here

16.3 - To approve for payment

(iv) - Clerk's expenses - travel to County Hall to attend Clerk's quarterly liaison meeting with Leicestershire County Council

Expenses claim form - click here 

AA map - click here

(vi) - Leicestershire Footpaths Association renewal - £5.00 - click here

(vii) - Leicestershire Gardens  - for clearing area in front of Village Hall - click here

(vii) - LRALC for internal audit service - £170 - click here

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