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Parish Council Meeting 12/1/16

Agenda item 9.1 - Grass Cutting

Agenda item 10 - Transparency Fund Grant - to note grant received and agree purchase of laptop from grant

Agenda item 11.2 - To note Audit Regime from 1/4/17 and consider whether to opt out of Sector Led Body

Agenda item 12 - To receive and approve

Agenda item 12.1.1 - To receive and approve updated accounts / reconciliation

Agenda item 12.2 - CGD Contractors grass cutting invoice (October)

Agenda item 13 - Budget 2016/17 - to agree budget and precept

Agenda item 14 Neighbourhood Planning

Agenda item 18 - Review of Policies

Agenda item 19 - National Highways and Transport Public Satisfaction Survey, Parish Consultation 9LCC)

Please click to see this survey

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