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Annual Parish Council Meeting 10/5/16


Agenda Papers

Agenda item 8 - To Review and Adopt:

8.1 To Review and Adopt Standing Orders

8.2 To Review and Adopt Financial Regulations

8.3 To Review and Adopt Asset Register

8.4 To Review and Adopt Data Protection and Information Security Policy

8.5 To Review and Adopt Records and Retention of Documents Policy


Agenda item 9 Clerk's Report including Year Plan and LRALC update

Harborough District Council Newsletter March 2016

HDC Annual Liaison Meeting Information Pack

Changes at recycling sites

Electoral Review Leicestershire County Council

Year Plan

LRALC Update - Newsletter 24/3/16

LRLAC Update - Grant Thornton Audit Presentation


Agenda item 11 - To review and revise Aims and Objectives


Agenda item 12 To adopt Communication Policy


Agenda item 14 - New Website and Email Provision - to agree procurement of new provider quotation

Parish web and Host quotation

2Commune quotation


Agenda item 16.2 Neighbourhood Planning Environment Group update

Click here to see the minutes of the Environment Group Meeting on 14th March 2016

Click here to see the minutes of the Environment Group Meeting on 19th April 2016


Agenda item  21 Finance

21.1 2015/16 Accounts - to receive and approve end of year accounts / reconciliation

21.2 To Receive and Discuss Internal Auditor's Report

21.4 Budget update to 31/3/16 and Review of 2016/17 Budget

21.6 To Approve for payment

21.6(ii) NALC and LRLAC Annual Membership Fee

21.6(iii) Data Protection Registration Renewal

21.6(iv) Yourlocale Invoice

21.6(v) Four Counties Ground Care for Grass Cutting April 2016

21.6(v) Mr J Lowe internal Audit

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