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Latest reconciled accounts
Accounts reconciliation to 29/12/23

Budget and Accounts for 1/4/23 to 31/3/24

Budget 23/24

At the meeting on 17/1/23 it was resolved to adopt a budget of £11,062.74 and a precept of £10,026. This is a 2% increase on the precept from 22/23 year,  4.5% increase in Council Tax (for a Band D Property) from £88.72 to £92.75 (£4.03). 

Budget agreed at meeting 17/1/23

Notes to budget agreed at meeting 17/1/23

Reserves Policy agreed at meeting 17/1/23

The budget was revised at the meeting 11/7/23 to take into account the actual figures carried over at 31/3/23

Revised budget 23/24 agreed at meeting 11/7/23

Notes to revised budget

Revised Reserves Policy agreed at meeing 11/7/23

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