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Parish Council Meeting
29th November 2018






Please note this meeting is instead of the one originally organised for 20/11/18 which did not take place as it was not quorate


Agenda 29/11/18 - agenda

Minutes 29/11/18 - minutes

Agenda item 7 - To Review and Adopt

7.1 Achieving Transparency Code Compliance document - click here

7.2 Media Policy - click here

Agenda item 8 - Information Security and Data Retention

8.1 To discuss draft Data Management and Information Security Policy - click here

Agenda item 17 - Finance

17.2 Approval of 2018/19 Bank Reconciliation - click here

17.3 To approve for payment

(vi) Leicestershire Gardens for cut 11/9/18 - click here

(vii) Leicestershire Gardens for cuts in October - click here

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